About us

Liturgy Brisbane aims to encourage the full, conscious and active participation of all people in liturgical rites that are noble in their simplicity yet powerful in their expression of the sacred mysteries. Its efforts are directed to education and consulting for the parishes of the archdiocese, and publishing liturgical resources for the Australian Church.

Education Services
Liturgy Brisbane offers courses, seminars and workshops designed:

  • to help all Catholics understand the meaning of the liturgical rites,
  • to help liturgy planners use the liturgical books with respect and creativity,
  • to assist in training liturgical ministers (presiders, readers, musicians and cantors, communion ministers, etc).


Liturgy Brisbane publishes a range of liturgical resources which are sold nationwide.
They can be ordered by Post, Phone, Fax, Email or Online.
Payment may be made by cheque, electronic transfer, credit card or on account.
Pay with your order by cheque or electronic transfer and we will send your goods post free.
For editorial matters, contact Rev Dr Tom Elich.
For orders and account enquiries, contact administration.