Great Resource for Learning about Liturgy

Great Resource for Learning about Liturgy

Leading up to the implementation of the revised Roman Missal last year, educators in Catholic Schools were aware of the need for a comprehensive resource for primary and secondary students to introduce the new translation and, at the same time, provide a working catechesis on the Eucharist.

Under the sponsorship of the National Catholic Education Commission, a team of writers from Catholic Education Offices in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sale and Brisbane developed Together at One Altar,, the first web-based resource for RE in Australia. Its purpose is to develop student formation in the Eucharist and assist their full, active and conscious participation in the liturgy.

The design and construction of the website is by Fraynework Multimedia, a work of the Sisters of Mercy. Fraynework also developed ‘Become one Body one Spirit in Christ’, the DVD produced to assist parishes with the implementation of the revised Missal, so the resources have a similar look and style.

This dynamic resource hosts a variety of teaching tools and learning activities to engage students and inform teachers. There are reflection and discussion questions and a great number of reliable and trustworthy references and web links.

The material is organised into four year levels - Foundation to Year 3, Year 4 to Year 6, Year 7 to Year 10, Years 11 and 12 – and grouped according to four themes - Explore, Craft, Celebrate, Live:

Explore: What is the background to the Mass? Teaching materials in this section are designed to enable students to explore stories about Jesus and find out about the history of the Mass. There are excellent support resources on the scriptural, historical and theological foundations of the Eucharist, including short movie clips about participation, Vatican II and understanding the Pascal Mystery.

Craft: How do we prepare to celebrate Mass? This section provides a range of opportunities to explore and learn more about the signs, symbols and settings for Eucharist. Here, students can work with on-line tools to investigate seasons and colours and liturgical ministries.

Celebrate: What takes place during the Mass? Students can engage with activities in this component to learn about the parts of the Mass and what has changed with the new English translation and to explore the words of the new text and see how the Word of God is proclaimed.

Live: How should I live out the meaning of Mass? This section provides ideas and strategies for reflecting on and responding to the challenge to live a Eucharistic life. Students can explore themes of social justice and charity using web 2 tools and video links.

Together at One Altar is beingused nationally in RE lessons in Catholic primary and secondary schools, but it is very useful for many other purposes as well. Since the resource is openly available on the web, it can be accessed by parents. Other audiences include those involved in the ministry of Children’s Liturgy of the Word and those who contribute to the faith formation of parents and children through Parish Sacramental Programs.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the liturgy, the Eucharist, liturgical ministry, the history of Catholic worship, etc will find Together at One Altar interesting and instructive.

Elizabeth Harrington