Vol 19 No 4 December 1989

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Title Author Topic Page
Brisbane Sacramental Guidelines - Children and Youth 12
Restoration or Renovation - Architecture and Environment 10
St Stephen's Cathedral - Architecture and Environment
Stations of the Cross Daws, Lawrence Art 11
Baptismal sculpture: St Stephen's Cathedral Schipperheyn, Peter Art 6
God in This Place Foley, Fiona Art 14
Restoration or Renovation - Art 10
Communion vessels: St Stephen's Cathedral Forster, Hendrik Art 9
Apse window: St Stephen's Cathedral Langley, Warren Art 6
Stations of the Cross Daws, Lawrence Australian Artists 11
St Stephen's Cathedral: baptismal sculpture Schipperheyn, Peter Australian Artists 6
God in This Place Foley, Fiona Australian Artists 14
St Stephen's Cathedral: communion vessels Forster, Hendrik Australian Artists 9
St Stephen's Cathedral Gibson, Robin Australian Artists
St Stephen's Cathedral: apse window Langley, Warren Australian Artists 6
God in this Place - Australian Images 14
Baptism and Eucharist - Baptism 7
Take Off Your Clothes - Baptism 8
Holy Days - Calendar 12
Stations of the Cross - Devotions 11
Baptism and Eucharist - Eucharist / Mass 7
Order of Christian Funerals - Funerals 12
Brisbane Sacramental Guidelines - Sacramental Preparation 12