Vol 24 No 3 September 1994

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Title Author Topic Page
Children at Liturgy Elich, Tom Children and Youth 2
Using the Lectionary for Masses with Children Ellen, Carmel-Anne Children and Youth 5
Children in the Assemly of the Church Cronin, James Children and Youth 7
Martyrology Elich, Tom Calendar 15
Bishop's Committee for Liturgy Elich, Tom Liturgy 15
Respecting Eastern Churches Elich, Tom Liturgy 2
Church Rites Elich, Tom Liturgy - Other Churches/Religions 15
An Australian Ecumenical Liturgy Harrington, Elizabeth Liturgy - Other Churches/Religions 12
Break Open The Word 1995 Elich, Tom Liturgy of the Word 15
Notes on Lay Preaching Bird, Paul Liturgy of the Word 16
Music for Weddings Lynch, Michael Music 14
Anointing the Sick: The care of the whole Christian community Nichols, Brian Unlisted 9
Catechism of the Catholic Church: Sacraments East and West Putney, Michael Unlisted 3
Family Rites Brady, Patricia Special Celebrations 8
Revised Sacramentary Elich, Tom Texts – Liturgical 15