Vol 35 No 2 June 2005



Title Author Topic Page
Editor: Quo Vadis Elich, Tom Liturgy 2
The Second Vatican Council, Pope John Paul II, and Liturgy O'Loughlin, Frank History of Liturgy / Vatican II 3
Australia: Masterpiece of Liturgical Theology Elich, Tom Art 6
Continuity and Change in Parish Liturgy McCormick, Gerard Liturgy Preparation 8
Australia's Oldest Font? - Baptism 10
Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ - Mary, Mother of God 10
Unus Dominus, Una Fides, Unum Baptisma - Baptism 11
Bari Eucharistic Congress - Eucharist / Mass 11
Music: Practice Morton, Ralph Music 12
Fawlty Powers: Booklets Murrowood, Cathy Liturgy Preparation 13
Fawlty Powers: Booklets Nichols, Brian Liturgy Preparation 13
Our Cover Elich, Tom Australian Artists 15
Books: Kasper, Sacrament of Unity & Lukefahr, We Worship Cronin, James Eucharist / Mass 14