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Books: What We Have Done, What We Have Failed To Do. Assessing the Liturgical Reforms of Vatican II Cronin, James History of Liturgy / Vatican II Vol 45 No 4 December 2015 15
Books: What's the Smoke For? by Johan van Parys Cronin, James Symbols Vol 45 No 2 June 2015 12
Books - The Spiritual Meaning of the Liturgy: School of Prayer, Source of Life by Goffredo Boselli Cronin, James Catechesis - liturgical Vol 45 No 1 March 2015 11
Books: 101 Liturgical Suggestions. Practical Ideas for Those Who Prepare the Liturgy by Columba McCann Cronin, James Liturgy Preparation Vol 44 No 4 December 2014 15
Books - Liturgy and the New Evangelization: Practicing the Art of Self-Giving Love by Timothy P. O'Malley Cronin, James Evangelisation and Mission Vol 44 No 3 September 2014 14
Books: Local Worship, Global Church: Popular Religion and the Liturgy by Mark Francis Cronin, James Liturgical Inculturation Vol 44 No 2 June 2014 14
Books: Symbols that Surround Us: Faithful Reflections by Johan van Parys Cronin, James Symbols Vol 43 No 4 December 2013 15
Books - The Prayers of the New Missal: A Homiletic and Catechetical Companion by Anscar J. Chupungco Cronin, James Texts – Liturgical Vol 43 No 3 September 2013 15
Books: Liturgy - The Illustrated History by Keith F. Pecklers Cronin, James History of Liturgy / Vatican II Vol 43 No 2 June 2013 13
Books - True Reform: Liturgy and Ecclesiology in Sacrosanctum Concilium by Massimo Faggioli Cronin, James Documents on Liturgy Vol 43 No 1 March 2013 15
Books - Preparing Masses with Children: 15 Easy Steps Cronin, James Children and Youth Vol 42 No 4 December 2012 15
Books - Glory in the Cross: Holy Week in the Third Edition of the Roman Missal Cronin, James Easter and Lent Vol 42 No 3 September 2012 15
Book: A Commentary on the Order of Mass of The Roman Missal Cronin, James Texts – Liturgical Vol 42 No 1 March 2012 15
Books: Gibler, 'From the Beginning to Baptism' Cronin, James Symbols Vol 41 No 3 September 2011 15
Books: Anscar Chupungco, What then is Liturgy? Cronin, James Liturgy Vol 41 No 2 June 2011 15
Books: Paul Philibert, At the Heart of Christian Worship. Liturgical Essays of Yves Congar Cronin, James Liturgy Vol 40 No 4 December 2010 15
Books: Keith Pecklers, The genius of the Roman Rite: The reception and Implementation of THE NEW MIS Cronin, James Texts – Liturgical Vol 40 No 3 September 2010 15
Books: Christian Worship in Australia Cronin, James Liturgy Vol 39 No 4 December 2009 13
Books: Liturgical Art for a Media Culture Cronin, James Architecture and Environment Vol 39 No 3 September 2009 8
Books: Why Go to Church? The Drama of the Eucharist (Timothy Radcliffe) Cronin, James Eucharist / Mass Vol 39 No 2 June 2009 14